MTNF7 + MTDS Ultimate Indicator, Strategy, API & Trade Manager Pack

The MTNF7 + MTDS Ultimate 7 – License Deal will save you many $1000s – up to  75% off in fact… when you consider the other competitors sell less sophisticated software for 4K to 5K white labelled and based on the MTDS, MTDS USAR…

We don’t need to charge such a big ticket as we write the software, trade and develop – plus our model is largely you are provided with self assisted support and help desk – instead of 1 to 1 mentoring offered by the other service/vendors

Another big difference is we actually live trade with our technology and so have many traders…  So please don’t get ripped off by marketing and software vendors who do not trade – try it here direct for unlimited free for sim and demo NinjaTrader – you only need a license when you are ready to live trade:

Download for free from

MT NT7 Ultimate includes the following:

  1. MTNTF7 Indicator Pack
  2. MTNTF7 Strategy Pack
  3. MTNTF7 Easy Trader
  5. MTDS Indicators
  6. MTDS Strategies
  7. MTDS NinjaBuddy
  9. Life Time License + Free Unlimited Updates
  10. Multibroker Live License for 2 machines

For details on pricing and purchasing please visit our online store


MTDS NinjaTrader Automated Strategy Framework

MTDS NinjaTrader Automated Strategy Framework Update released

Released: 08/Jan/2016

Please visit here to download the latest version:

Please note code breaking changes:

MTDS USAR indicator has a number of additional parameters and functions – so any custom script referencing/using this indicator will need to be updated.

To see how to use this indicator in your scripts – Install the MTDS SDK option during the installation of MTDS –  look inside the Strategy Open Source and copy the code for the file:

\Documents\Ninjatrader 7\bin\custom\Strategy\@MicroTrends.MTDoubleShot.SDK.Strategy.MTDoubleShotUSARTrader.cs

Example of code:

uSAR1 = _indicator.MTDoubleShotStrategyUSAR(Input, MTUSARATRMedianSmoothing, MTUSARATRMultiplier, MTUSARATRPeriod, MTUSARATRSmoothing, MTUSARAVGPeriod, MTUSARCollisionMode, MTUSARFilterMode, MTUSAROffset, MTUSARSignalMode, MTUSARXLookBack);


MicroTrends Double Shot Strategy Foundation (MTDS) – NinjaTrader 7 Algorithmic Framework. MTDS  is 100% free for demo/sim trading, development and testing – with a 90 day free trial for live account trading.
The only commercial NinjaTrader algorithmic framework and trade signal execution, management engine for powering strategies.
Consists of a compiled NinjaScript library API, SDK and free open source sample strategies.

Live Account License
Live account trading licenses can be purchased from here:


Normal Installation Procedure
Close down NinjaTrader
Run this installer > Click Next
Restart NinjaTrader

Developer SDK  and Samples Strategy Install Options
If you are a developer or Trader who wants to use the SDK or sample strategies, you will need to select all options in the following Installation Options screen and compile the strategies afer installation. Watch all video guides below to see how.
Note: When installing the SDK option!  Please make sure you turn of file replicating software which may  prevent or rollback changes to the NinjaTrader config.xml file

Uninstall Procedure
Windows Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features
MicroTrends Double Shot Strategy Foundation
Select and click Uninstall

Video Guide – install and usage

Tech Support
Installation, guidance, suggestions
[email protected]

Code snippet support

Development Team
For projects and customisation
[email protected]

100% FREE…NinjaTrader Strategies & Indicators – Try before you buy – unlimited trials

MicroTrends is unique… you are free to use our software for your trading for unlimited usage before live trading

>>>PLEASE Note:  There are only 2 downloads/packages containing all the products featured on this website…

Easy to Install Bulk Packs of Indicators and Strategies – not sold as single seperated  indicators

  • The installer will install all the components in the MTNTF7 or MTDS into NinjaTrader – no importing required.
  • Please note you cannot buy one MTNTF7 indicator seperately or install it seperately…
  • visit to see the partner website and brand which does offer a selection of indicators which can be bought and installed seperately.

What does free NinjaTrader Strategies & Indicators mean?

  • Strategies: 100% Free for NinjaTrader Demo, Strategies & API free for development/backtest/optimisation/ sim realtime trading, demo trading and replay trading.
  • Indicators: 100% free for development backtest/optimisation, sim/demo trading – after trial periods for live account connections licenses are required.

Licenses Lease or Buy – What do you get?

  1. MTNTF –  For Live Trading Monthly Lease or Lifetime licenses – for MTNTF7 Indicator Pack –  or MTNTF Indicator & Strategies  & MT Easy Trader & API – Priority Help Desk Support for settings and configuration assistance + FREE UPDATES
  2. MTDS –  For Live Trading Monthly Lease or Lifetime licenses – for MTDS API, NinjaBuddy & SDK Sample Strategies – Help Desk Code Snippet Support so you can create your own advanced adaptive automatic strategies + parameter configuration assistance + FREE UPDATES
  3. For each lease or purchase you are provided 2 licenses for 2 Pcs!!!

UNLIMITED FREE TRIALS – Try before you buy

You can try all MicroTrends Products for free – then if you require a license for live trading you can decide to lease  or buy when it suits you when you wish to live trade… you may stay sim trading realtime strategies for many weeks or months or years…no penalty…

How to Lease or Purchase the MTNTF7 or the MTDS for Live trading with NinjaTrader 7

  1. Buy licenses in the shop:
  2. Buy using a payment plan in the Payment Plan Page>>
  3. Sign up for a Lease cancel anytime in the Payment Plan Page>>

Get Started with NinjaTrader Discretionary Trading Systems, Automated Trading Systems or Automatic Trade Manager, Algorithmic Trading Software Development Kit

  • MTNTF7: Indicators, Strategies & Easy Trader Trade Manager – design & program your own trading system with no coding – suited for discretionary, automated and automatic trade management
  •  Click here to Get Started with MTNTF >>> 100% Free risk free for sim/demo trading with the MicroTrends NinjaTrader Framework Universal Pack- contains all MTNTF7 Indicators,Strategies & Easy Trader – Trade Manager – for traders Beginner to Advanced

    MTDS: NinjaTrader Advanced Unmanaged Mode Strategy Software Development Kit for Developers  & Open Source Strategy Samples – suited for developers or traders who want to use the unparralleled MTDS features and sample Strategies

  •  Click here to Get Started with MTDS >>> 100% Free risk free for sim/demo trading with the MicroTrends Double Shot Strategy Foundation for NinjaTrader Unmanaged Mode Software Development Kit (SDK) with API, Indicators, Sample Open Source Strategies & Ninja Buddy – Trade Manager… the most advanced NinjaTrader Trade Engine ever.

Technical Support, Resources, Videos, Blog, Help Desk – Follow Us

Please click here to visit the Help and Support Center

NinjaTrader Licensing – NinjaTrader Machine ID Info

buy an automated trading ninjatrader strategy with proven Performance statistical evidence

MicroTrends is not an educator or trading room or trading group –  we do not provide stats, claims or trading advice – but we do provide popular and proprietary tools for traders to use and support on their features.

And we have varied reports of success and varied reports of people who on their quest take a very long time or some fall by the way side and struggle with the tech or their patience or psychology- so really you might find a MT product doesn’t suit you or it may well be exactly what you need.

The strategy you buy from MicroTrends with proven statistical evidence is the strategy you have worked hard to determine if you can trade it with your capital, style and availability and have the evidence first hand through running tests – then when you have completed your unlimited time trial for backtesting, optimisation and sim trading, you are ready to live trade – then you lease or buy it after its live trading trial period is up… so you buy the strategy that has no false claims and is 100% suited to your criteria.

we are 100% unique in the NinjaTrader community as we do not lie, push software, use shills and adopt a “BS” unethical marketing strategy to take advantage of peoples dreams and desires to make money trading -we are also traders and use our software and consult for commercial funds and have been at this game for a long time.

Our model understands the reality of trading and condones and enforces that is best left up to the trader to test and assess and find out how to use strategies to suit them and make them work with assistance on the technical usage – if a trader believes anything it must be through direct experimentation over a substantial period of time and  in depth effort- or they will join the rest of the perhaps 99% who fail at mechanical trading.

Be warned….It is many times harder and longer to use a strategy – compared to discretionary trading and should not be a short cut for people who cannot manually trader looking for a solution that means that they don’t have to do any hard work and want to fulfill some dream of easy wealth and a personal pension that can be bought all for $99 per month,,, The reality is very different.

It is true if you go through the effort and time of the discovery and system selection phase and setup a plan and set of viable strategies – that you will eventually find trading mechanically more efficient and you will be able to trade more markets in a diversified manner – which would take a team of skilled traders……and you can do this with minimal operational costs and maintenance…however be warned this is a journey that even less will succeed at and calls on a multitude of disciplines, time and capital.

Depending on your size 
Ideally For a Fully Auto commercial style operation: You need ideally $100K to $5M trading capital – and from that $1K to $10K for historical data, 3 servers – 1 for test (but up to 10 for parrallel testing), 1 real-time sim pre-production paper trading, 1 live trader server. Allow 1 to 3 months to backtest in parallel assess on realtime sim 3months to 9 months – you need to understand every trade for say 2000 to 3000days of trading  pre GFC  200 to 2007 and Post GFC March 2009 onwards and leave out of sample data… understand the drawdown and 3 to 4 times of that for realtime is your capital for expected drawdown…  understand the worst scenario and best and typical – how range and market conditions affect… understand when you should launch and when not to…

Diversify your systems/ parametersets/dataseries and instruments… so and you should be trading perhaps 3 inversely related robots on 5 to 15 uncorrelated markets which you have selected based on profit opportunity and participation not because you are for example French and like the French stock market due to some patriotic ideal instead of evidence that it is a good market to trade with  range/volume/liquidity… LTF versus HTF – you should have a basket of low frequency trading robots – and if you really need to some high frequency trading add later-. For Swing trading or commercials beware of limitations of NinjaTrader 7 – you might need NT + an API trade manager to manage orders and positions after signals are made in NT7 and has been later stopped or disconnected.  NT7 will not allow 100% continuous operation- understand what happens when you stop and restart NT7 – you may have to manually guide/manage orders -before you can restart a strategy again for swing traders this is a limitation of the technology we hope will be fixed in NT8  -where we have asked NT to allow a strategy to start and warn, rebind, adopt or allow the developer/strategy to deal with open positions and working orders on the chosen account and instrument.

– with diversified settings and uncorrelated markets to even stand a chance of success….. You should also be an expert in collating data and reports and analysis or learn those skills -most folks cannot do that part and simply tasks such as producing and reading reports and feeding analysis back into the system set- can be a simple basic requirement and hurdle…failing point…

Trading is not all about clicking the mouse and making orders – or slapping a robot on an instrument after viewing a report…  done correctly it is a in depth intensive systematic process.  We are not going to give away too many secrets to our competitors who copy and work by plagiarism –  having the software is a small part of the job, the structured project management and storage of data and presentation of test results is another discipline..  the better you are with data and testing, the more time you give to sim realtime pre-production the better your results.

Small account realtime Interactive Trading

There are easier less intensive ways to try – if you are a small account trader say 10k to 50K – Realtime Interactive trading – 1 robot 1 trader 1 market 
become an expert and guide it in realtime… on 1 market – you need to be an expert on that market…  So you could for instance – get a strategy and run a visual backtest – put it on a chart in realtime/sim and watch it and guide it…to a plan… using the realtime NinjaBuddy controls, and track your results and rules over a few weeks to a few months, if you are already a good trader looking for technology to make life easier this could be a good way to try it.
Such as this approach:

Regardless of route and budget: 
You are the driver and must learn how to drive/test and race to win 
Only you will be able to decide what works for your with statistical evidence you find with direct experience 
You should test and assess in realtime sim for many weeks and become an expert in that instrument and strategy – or even better many months before risking anything 


Yes you can buy winning strategies from MicroTrends but you are the one to test and select and configure them for your chosen markets… no we wont give trading advice –  you are the one to find the best settings  – we supply the tech for you to drive…with our support on technical features.

As detailed above proving strategies takes time – for this reason the MTNTF7 framework and MTDS is free for you to use any strategy on sim/demo and should you reach that stage.

Free Downloads for automated trading with NinjaTrader
So you can download and install from here and use it unlimited on sim/demo/backtest and for development

Please visit here:

Guides on getting started: 


More resources


Intraday trading systems –

You might find you like this type of strategy on stock indexes such as NQ or TF or ES

However you will need to experiment and set it up and create your own trading plan to suit yourself…

MTDS NinjaTrader Automated Strategy Framework

MTDS UPDATE  version… is available for downloading from the MicroTrends Secure Downloads Website.   MTDS is 100% Free for Sim and demo trading… create super charged NinjaTrader Automated Trading Strategies in a few lines of code and leverage off the shelf… signal exectuion, filters, exits,  order entry, advanced adaptive trade management and realtime user trading controls and settings… all 100% free… access open source strategies sold by other vendors for $1000s

MTDS NinjaTrader Automated Trading Strategy - HTF Filters
MTDS NinjaTrader Automated Trading Strategy – HTF Filters
MTDS NinjaTrader Automated Trading Strategy - HTF Filter DataSeries
MTDS NinjaTrader Automated Trading Strategy – HTF Filter DataSeries
View and edit a MTDS Open Source NinjaTrader Strategy
View and edit a MTDS Open Source NinjaTrader Strategy
MTDS Open Source NinjaTrader Strategy Methods and properties
MTDS Open Source NinjaTrader Strategy Methods and properties

MTDS Fixes and Features include:

  1. HTF Price Action and HTF Bias visualisation
  2. Proximity Orders Work with Virtual orders or Real Limit Order
  3. SDK Custom order pricing for developers
  4. SDK Templates provide more details for easier location of developer custom methods and properties for easier coding
  5. Internal Improvements in Strategy Analyzer and performance

MTDS NinjaTrader Strategy Software Development Kit (SDK)

SDK Even Easier than before – Now you can view all developer methods in the sample SDK open source strategy installed when you select all SDK options during installation:

  • Custom Trade Entry
  • Custom Trade Filter
  • Custom Trade Exit
  • Custom Stop Ticks
  • Custom Stop Price
  • Custom Trail Price
  • Custom Order Pricing for stops,limits & stop limits
  • And all the associated properties/parameters you can expose to allow usage of the above features

Please install the MTDS all options then within NinjaTrader go to Control Center: Tools > Edit NinjaScript > Strategy > @MicroTrends.MTDoubleShot.SDK.Strategy.MTDoubleShotPriceAction

Then simply view all the methods and sections ready for you to place your own logic – simply save a copy with a unique name…and change the parts you require!!!   The harness the power of MTDS… and super charge your strategy with no overfills… this is most powerful Trading Engine yet for NinjaTrader…

GET the MTDS>>> – Simply download and run the installer -select all the SDK options and then compile the strategies after starting NinjaTrader

  1. Video How to Install MTDS from MicroTrends downloads website
  2. Video How to check MTDS is installed Correctly and Strategies are present and compile:
  3. Video How to add a MTDS Strategy to a NinjaTrader chart:

Technical Support : Please view the Help Desk for more articles:


Have fun developing and trading your super charged NinjaTrader Strategies!!

MTDS NinjaTrader Automated Strategy Framework

MTDS NinjaTrader Automated Strategy Engine is ready for download and installation from the MicroTrends Secure Downloads website:

  1.  Video How to Install MTDS from MicroTrends downloads website
  2.  Video How to check MTDS is installed Correctly and Strategies are present and compile:
  3.  Video How to add a MTDS Strategy to a NinjaTrader chart:

MTDS NinjaTrader Automated Strategy Framework

MicroTrends Double Shot Strategy Foundation is 100% Free for NT Demo & Sim Trading

Advanced NinjaTrader Automated Trading Systems Strategy Development API – Algorithmic Trading System Development Framework – 100% free for Sim, testing and Development Umanaged mode NinjaTrader Strategy API – Provides Developers with free licensed access to the MTDS Strategy base classes – sample strategies & indicators – code fast and simply focusing on your entry, filter and exit logic, with no overfills or errors – allowing auto trading systems to be created in just a few lines of code automatically implementing signal execution, signal filtering, custom entry rules, custom exit rules, custom breakeven stop rules, custom trailing stop rules, entry orders market, limit, stop or stop limit, 1 to 3 bracket and automatic position allocation control using unmanaged mode tick by tick or on bar close real-time trading, allowing back testing and optimisation. SDK containing free open source strategies for trading or coding examples.

MTDS Install Quick Guide

1. Close NT
2. Run the Installer
3. Start NinjaTrader
4. Please don’t forget to compile the Free Open Source NinjaTrader Automated Strategies if you elect to install the Software Development Kit and sample C# Strategies/automated trading systems.

Download and install the MTDS


When will the new MTDS BETA be changed to Public Release Candidate?

After a period of 1 to 2 weeks – should no further revisions be necessary – will then be placed live and update messages will be received by those using earlier versions such as

NinjaTrader Quantative Development Services & Consultancy

MicroTrends can create your custom indicators, trading strategies from scratch using NinjaTrader or save time & cost & super charge your strategies safely powering them with an off the shelf Trade Engine such as the MTDS see below – NinjaTrader C# strategies in real time Tick by tick execution or on bar close, with advanced NinjaTrader unmanaged order handling with constant or dynamic position sizing – with real time UI control and advanced trade management – without rival in the NinjaTrader development community.

Sample Strategy Look and Feel using MTDS MTDS

Learn more about the MTDS

MicroTrends specializes in Automated Trading Systems – NinjaTrader Strategies written in Advanced Unmanaged NinjaTrader mode –The official NinjaTrader Documentation states:” The Unmanaged approach is reserved for VERY EXPERIENCED programmers. ….”    Most Certified NinjaTrader Consultants cannot do this – MicroTrends was the first and only to write a re-usable compiled technology for powering NinjaTrader strategies using unmanaged mode – such as the MTDS

Trade Strategy Analysis – BackTesting, Optimisation & Reporting

MicroTrends also offers Strategy analysis services both sequential & genetic optimization, proprietary tick database impirical statistical measurement to assess your Trade Strategy Viability without curve fitting, using NT7 and NinjaTrader 8, proprietary tick data systems, R & Matlab & via MicroTrends own proprietary online reporting tool – which can be made available on private servers for clients.

MicroTrends Proprietary - Trade Strategy Performance Online Reporting for Backtesing & Optimisation
MicroTrends Proprietary – Trade Strategy Performance Online Reporting for Backtesing & Optimisation

Get a NinjaTrader Development Estimate for your project

Please Post your project quotation request in the online Dev Team Projects Request Form

Warning about Cost, Quality and Methodology

Dear Traders: MicroTrends is not the cheapest certified NinjaTrader Consultant and if you are after a 5 minute job or want the cheapest quote please don’t waste your time or our time – we provide commercial grade & work to a lightweight Institutional process to ensure what we do deliever is in the minimum time, with the leasst cost and the maximum quality & robustness. We are not a quoting service. The majority of “certified” developers on the NinjaTrader website probably learnt to code with NinjaTrader as a hobby in their bedroom/office – and some are talented within a capacity – however some not so and sadly we have to fix their code so we know this as a fact. They glady will serve you for a cut price rate & for simple tasks are probably ok to use…But if you are serious…would you use a hobbyist amateur who charges to perform brain surgery on your trading systems or would you rather pay a professional with a 20 year career of commercial institutional programming?

Do not skimp & cut cost…there are no short cuts… Write it correctly the first time and avoid code re-writes and additional money later to put it right or worse still errors that might leave you with less money in your trading account than you started with? You get what you pay for – it is a false economy to get the cheapest quote – you will waste time & money not getting a professional to do it… So don’t be tight.. or it will cost you more. If you cannot afford a pro you are at risk of the project costing you much more – you should not be trading or considering a trading project until you are fully ready to invest the correct time & budget to obtain your return on the investment. Use a proper professional and pay the correct market price – but also there is no need to pay the most expensive either

Save cost, time using a Automated Trading Technology to power your strategy

Chosing the cheapest developer to write an automated trading strategy is suicide or a false economy as you will need it coded properly later if you have funds left and not blown up your account in a live trading accident – due to overfills unguarded positions or the strategy erroring as is usually expected with the default NinjaTrader strategy managed approach – read here for details.

You can use a professional automated trading system specialist to write your code and avoide problems but would pay a lot of money for the time it takes to write one from scratch – so the answer is then to use off the shelf ready to use trading system which you simply plugin in your trade system logic – such as theMicroTrends Double Shot Strategy Foundation (MTDS), 100% free for simulator use, includes development support and a software development kit with sample strategies.

So when using such a technology as the MTDS your project simply requires the logic for Trade Entry, Trade Filter and Trade Exits – the trade setup signal rules and trigger.  All of the entry order types, trade management & realtime trading interface to allow control & configuration during live trading are supplied off the shelf & save the cost & time & the time and cost of testing/fixing of a new technology in live trading.

Learn more about the MTDS

MTDS only requires a license if you want to live trade with it – its is 100% free for sim trading – so you dont even need to buy it for your project it is free for development – usually for a development project you can elect to buy the MTDS at a development project rate discount of 10% to 25% off!

5 reasons to choose MicroTrends

  1. MicroTrends was one of the first leading certified NinjaTrader consultants with ongoing quantative development specialisation since 2006 – NinjaTrader specialists since 2009, commercial Enterprise level developers since 1996 – a show case of some internals projects can be viewed & tested for free hereNinjaTrader Indicators & NinjaTrader Strategies
  2. Microtrends development team skills are honed from ongoing experience & past careers in commercial IT in the financial sector & prop trading, also in Physics Research & Investment Banking
  3. MicroTrends developers are a team of three based in London/Europe & Asia/Americas are also very active and keen Forex & Futures traders using discretionary & mechanical systematic approaches – using components offered this website.
  4. MicroTrends clients are both retail, other vendors, trading educators & managed futures, prop shops/arcades & private funds so we have the trading & development knowledge you need
  5. MicroTrends is fully leading edge .net capable and is able to leverage a variety of development & other commercial algorithmic framework technologies to suit your system requirements

Visit our about us page read more about how experienced MicroTrends & founder Tom Leeson

Typical NinjaTrader Projects & Work Samples

NinjaTrader Strategy Development

Algorithmic day trading & swing trading systems. Autotrade Futures, Equities, Forex, Pairs, Statistical Arbitrage & Spreads. Consultancy, analysis & development. Featuring on Chart visble trade system rules, backtesting & integrated risk management, money management & adaptive advanced trade management.

Realtime Tick by tick execution or on bar close, unmanaged and managed order handling

NinjaTrader Indicator Development

Setup, Entry, Exit Signals, Audio, Synthesised voice, audio & visual on chart signals & alerts… trend bias filters, volume delta, momentum, order flow analytics, econonmic calendars, support & resistance…

MicroTrends Development Samples

Testimonials – Hear it from a Automated Trading Professional

One key feature of the BWT Precision Autotrader is that it is Professionally Coded 100% in NT unmanaged mode. The official NinjaTrader Documentation states:” The Unmanaged approach is reserved for VERY EXPERIENCED programmers. ….In place of the convenience layer that the Managed approach offered, the Unmanaged approach instead offers ultimate flexibility in terms of order submission and management…..

Writing code in unmanaged mode requires extra time and effort and requires a significantly higher coding skill set, that most NinjaScript Certified Developers simply do not have… I say this with complete confidence because at one time or another over the last 8 years, I have personally worked with almost all of them!

As a trader I was seeking the absolute highest quality for BWT software – not one programmer I worked with could deliver a strategy that did not have overfills, errors and annoying bugs… that was until 2014 when BWT partnered with Tom Leeson  at MicroTrends…  the ONLY NinjaScript developer I’ve ever known that really “get’s it” and likely THE most experienced trading system programmer in the NinjaTrader niche,  having worked for professional prop shops and hedge funds in London’s Financial District for many years.  That is why the BWT Automated Trading System will work in real money live environment, fast markets etc. with No Overfills,  no Order Entry or Exit Errors, True Limit and Stop entry  or exit, no time out system crashes  …

Randy Sarrow – BlueWave Trading

Long Time BWT Client Testimonial

T. A. from Virginia, USA

As you know I’ve been using been using the autotrader for quite a while now.  Your persistence to perfection has finally materialized.  Your latest version of BWT AutoTrader along with suite of BWT Indicators are superb and unmatched in the industry.  The reason I say this is because of all the years I known you, eight to ten odd years, this is the best system and indicators I have seen.  Otherwise I would not be writing this.  Given I am a Software Developer myself and been in the IT industry for over 20 years and work for a prestigious Government agency, this is the first testimonial I have put out because you truly deserve it.  Your latest BWT AutoTrader is so powerful yet it gives each trader flexibility to adjust to their own trading style or market conditions  The system is so precise in entries, exits and money management, it’s unreal… After all those years, I can finally say I am now trading with confidence.  THANKS to YOU and your system.

MTNTF7 ATR Volatility Breakout NinjaTrader Strategy

All MicroTrends NinjaTrader Framework strategies are 100% free for sim/demo usage to allow you the time to learn without penalty and without rushing.

The MTNTF7 ATR Volatility Breakout NinjaTrader Strategy is an automated trading system – which also allows manual order placement, auto order placement, a mix of both in realtime + Automatic Trade management.

This strategy trades signaled based on the indicator: MT Signals Trend ATR Breakout – this is the first place to look and understand its concepts. 
So its easier to #1 learn how to use the indicator and view its parameters on a chart and note what they do… see which setting appeals and makes sense to you.

Guidance and Videos 
1.A Signals Indicators: Please save yourself much time/days weeks even in some cases – view here and watch the videos 
1. B – Also here!! Zone Setting IDs

MT Signals Indicators Overview - Graphical Anatomy of Trade Signals

After this you can then look at the strategy version and find the signals indicator parameters also within the strategy parameter list + additional parameters common to all strategies -learn one and you learn them all… All MT Strategies work in the same way and are all based off the MT Signals Indicators and also combine the MT Easy Trader/ Trade Manager UI. To use any MicroTrends NinjaTrader Framework Strategy – you must have followed this route or you will be wasting many days or even weeks/months in some cases – Please verify that you have viewed the following:

2.A Read and Watched about the MT Easy Trader and Strategies 
2.B Then use your same signals indicators settings within the strategy – which trades the signals from the indicator -so yo 
u would essentially just set the indicator signal, order types and trade management within the strategy..etc. and then can run a backtest or optimisation.

Getting Started with MT Signals Trend ATR Volatility Break Out – NinjaTrader indicator 

1. Open a chart > click indicators > locate and select “MT Signals Trend ATR Volatility Break Out” > Click New 
A. The indicator will appear on the bottom left hand pane – select it > the parameters will appear on the top right panel 
B Focus on the main parameter groups “Basic Indicator Parameters”, “Signals Trade Setup”, “Signals Trade Entry”, “System Session times”

Signals Indicator ParameterChecklist 
Param Groups:”Indicator Settings Storage” – Set “MT -Zone Setting ID”=0 
Param Groups:”Signals Trade Setup” – Make sure “Trade Setup mode”>=1 or some other value in order to get signals e.g >0 
Param Groups:”System Session Times” – Set “session mode” = 0 – to allow 24/7 signals

Click Ok

Add to chart 
Getting Started with  MT Signals Trend ATR Volatility Break Out - signals indicator - 1

View trend color graphics parameters

Getting Started with  MT Signals Trend ATR Volatility Break Out - signals indicator - 2

View signal color graphics parameters 
Getting Started with  MT Signals Trend ATR Volatility Break Out - signals indicator - 3

NinjaTrader: Automated Trading Strategy 
Getting Started with MT ATR Breakout NinjaTrader Strategy


Add to a chart

Getting Started with MT ATR Breakout NinjaTrader Strategy -1

Open New Blank Chart > Default 24/7 > Cl or Forex or Stocks etc 
Chart Right Click > Strategies > select MT ATR Volatility Breakout > Click New 
In the top right handside you will see all the Parameters: 

To see all public parameters for a strategy – you can view them in the strategy list. 
from within NinjaTrader:

1. Chart > Strategy Menu > Strategy List 
2 Control Center Strategy tab > Strategy Menu > Strategy List 
3. Strategy Analyzer > Strategy Menu > Strategy List

1. Visually on a chart – Add a strategy to a chart and view the historical trades and performance stats 
Right click the chart > Strategy Performance > MT ATR Volatility Breakout > Historical> View the Report 
Getting Started with MT ATR Breakout NinjaTrader Strategy - 3 - Visual BackTest and stats on a chart

2. Backtest using the Strategy Analyzer – using the Strategy Analyzer and run a backtest from your selected/chosen strategy and datatime series/instrument 
Getting Started with MT ATR Breakout NinjaTrader Strategy - 3 - Back Testing using NinjaTrader Strategy Analyzer
NinjaTrader BACK TEST & Optimisation TIPS

1. Use plain vanilla to start
A. remove all filters 
B. put stops out to around 25 to 25 ticks 
C. remove all targets, all breakeven, all trail stops 
see what the natural strategy profile does -just by stopping and reversing…

2. Plain Vanilla + some profit taking techniques

A. next decide on an ATR Trail stop for example and then view this add a target

C. Add an Exit

D. Add a session time –


There is quite a lot to absorb above: 
Please let me know if you have further questions

Many thanks


MicroTrends Support 
[email protected]

Tip! You can visit the help desk forum to see previous answered frequently asked questions:

MTDS Beta Released

MTDS Beta Released

You asked and we listened to your changes required – the following were most asked for and finally we got around to it…sorry for the delay!!!

MTDS Entry Orders and Position Fill Allocation
MTDS Entry Orders and Position Fill Allocation
  1. Entry orders now as requested: Limit, Stop Limit, Stop and Market
  2. 1 to 3 Brackets – 2 trade units/brackets with profit targets and the 3rd is a runner
  3.  – to cope with unknown partial fills on limit and stop limit entry order fills – dynamic position bracket allocation will spread the filled amount across the selected number of chosen active trade brackets
  4. Classic ATR Trail added – Parabolic trail stop
  5. 3 Levels of Trailing Stop
  6. Break Even at target 1, configurable
  7. Trail stops at target 1 or target 2
  8. Targets – risk reward mode or adaptive
  9. Price Action filter similar to MT Framework
  10. Higher Time Frame filtering

Available for download and installation from the following locations:

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Please send any technical questions or glitches or your required features you want to add to MTDS to the MicroTrends Help Desk:

  • [email protected]

Happy Trading and Developing!


Tom Leeson


Automated Trading – NinjaTrader Strategies – Selection

MicroTrends only provides two NinjaTrader Algorithmic mechanical trading products directly: 

    1. MT NinjaTrader Framework 7 (MTNTF7) – consists of many indicators, signals indicators and strategies with the ability to create, pick and mix your own trading system using generic signals trading technology – Written using default NinjaTrader managed order mode – means strategies can halt on order overfills 
    2. MT Double Shot Strategy Foundation (MTDS) – an algorithmic trading framework with SDK open source samples you can trade with or edit… The trade engine which powers this is more robust that the MTNTF7 as it is written in unmanaged mode – does not halt on overfills – but not as much feature or power as MTNTF7

Both of the above are sophisticated and complex products suitable for confident intermediate to advanced users who are keen on self learning and experimentation – both come with a trade manager for discretionary or real time interaction of strategies. All MicroTrends strategies are 100% free for sim,demo, backtest and development – only requiring a license for live trading or if you require more in depth and priority support. Support for free users is mostly self assisted from the existing forum and videos – but we supply info where required… paid for version support includes settings assistance and even videos/templates to assist. There is no mentoring trading advice only support on features… so the license model is free for sim to allow you the time to learn…

Comparison of MicroTrends Technology

MTNTF7 Versus the MTNTF7

Getting started: 
To get started with MTNTF7:

To Get Started with MTDS:

Products MicroTrends developed for sale by 3rd Party Vendors

Day Trading, Swing Trading Automated systems

      1. Bluewave Trading – you get 1 to 1 mentoring and support directly with Randy Sarrow the designer and trader – this robot and trading technology solution is the most sophisticated technology available for NinjaTrader – and is a Stocks and Commodities Awarded product. – This will be migrated from NT7 to NT8. 1 to 1 support and private direct technical support and mentoring combined with features makes this the best option for AutoTrading and mixed discretionary -automatic trade management- and also remarkably the best value
      2. Woodies Collection – includes trading room for discretionary trading and some robots – but they lack the experience and focus of the above package – their strength is really discretionary trading – robots are used to provide stats and assistance with live discretionary trading for example – This will be migrated from NT7 to NT8 – so the support model is 1 to 1 and instructor group trading room led – is the best option for learning discretionary trading and benefits from trade manager and semi/fully automated models that can assist your trading – most expensive.
      3. Trade Foxx – is really a product that is built on top of the MTDS – with some extra compiled strategies – maybe migrated to NT8 so we recommend the MTDS product instead or #1 the mentoring provided by TradeFoxx so go for this instead of MTDS if you want 1 to 1 support with someone from TradeFoxx

Blue Wave Trading, Woodies versus MTNTF7

  1. Blue Wave Trading versus MTNTF7
  2. Woodies Versus MTNTF7

NinjaTrader Strategies Recommendation

        1. In terms of credibility in terms of track record Randy Sarrow who has a real history as trader and money manager and system designer/developer… so #1 Bluewave Trading would be our best recommendation and choice and is also the best value feature wise product… please visit for more details or contact Randy Sarrow directly are [email protected] for your obligation free consultation on their product and service. 
        2. If you want to trade as part of a trading room group for discretionary and semi/fully automated trading – then Woodies might be your place to try – but emphasis in the trading group is on discretionary techniques.
        3. If you are really self led and of a more advanced trading level and NinjaTrader user – and want to experiment on your own and don’t mind spending many weeks, months or even longer in cases in an assessment phase then try MicroTrends products as you can go at your own pace and not pay for sim usage of strategies.

Automated Trading System Selection Conclusion

If you want to get a head start with a concierge type of service and a focused turnkey system with a dedicated and proven track record mechanical trader who has been long established and dedicated to the same path for more than 2 decades of futures trading – then go for Bluewave trading.