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MicroTrends is not an educator or trading room or trading group –  we do not provide stats, claims or trading advice – but we do provide popular and proprietary tools for traders to use and support on their features.

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And we have varied reports of success and varied reports of people who on their quest take a very long time or some fall by the way side and struggle with the tech or their patience or psychology- so really you might find a MT product doesn’t suit you or it may well be exactly what you need.

The strategy you buy from MicroTrends with proven statistical evidence is the strategy you obtained for free for testing, optimisation, backtest, realtime sim trading, and you have worked hard to determine if you can trade it with your capital, style and availability and have the evidence first hand through running tests – then when you have completed your unlimited time trial for backtesting, optimisation and sim trading, you are ready to live trade – then you lease or buy it after its live trading trial period is up… so you buy the strategy that has no false claims and is 100% suited to your criteria.

We are probably unique in the NinjaTrader community as we do not lie, push software, use shills and adopt a “BS” unethical marketing strategy to take advantage of peoples dreams and desires to make money trading -we are also traders and use our software and consult for commercial funds and have been at this game for a long time, we write our own software and we provide it for free, so you are not asked to outlay for something which might not fit… and it takes time and patience, a systematic routine approach to understand if automated trading system software is correct for your trader style and psychology.

Our model understands the reality of trading and condones and enforces that is best left up to the trader to test and assess and find out how to use strategies to suit them and make them work with assistance on the technical usage – if a trader believes anything it must be through direct experimentation over a substantial period of time and  in depth effort- or they will join the rest of the perhaps 99% who fail at mechanical trading.

Be warned….It is many times harder and longer to use a strategy – compared to discretionary trading and should not be a short cut for people who cannot manually trader looking for a solution that means that they don’t have to do any hard work and want to fulfill some dream of easy wealth and a personal pension that can be bought all for $99 per month,,, The reality is very different.

It is true if you go through the effort and time of the discovery and system selection phase and setup a plan and set of viable strategies – that you will eventually find trading mechanically more efficient and you will be able to trade more markets in a diversified manner – which would take a team of skilled traders……and you can do this with minimal operational costs and maintenance…however be warned this is a journey that even less will succeed at and calls on a multitude of disciplines, time and capital.

Depending on your size 
Ideally For a Fully Auto commercial style operation: You need ideally $100K to $5M trading capital – and from that $1K to $10K for historical data, 3 servers – 1 for test (but up to 10 for parrallel testing), 1 real-time sim pre-production paper trading, 1 live trader server. Allow 1 to 3 months to backtest in parallel assess on realtime sim 3months to 9 months – you need to understand every trade for say 2000 to 3000days of trading  pre GFC  200 to 2007 and Post GFC March 2009 onwards and leave out of sample data… understand the drawdown and 3 to 4 times of that for realtime is your capital for expected drawdown…  understand the worst scenario and best and typical – how range and market conditions affect… understand when you should launch and when not to…

Diversify your systems/ parametersets/dataseries and instruments… so and you should be trading perhaps 3 inversely related robots on 5 to 15 uncorrelated markets which you have selected based on profit opportunity and participation not because you are for example French and like the French stock market due to some patriotic ideal instead of evidence that it is a good market to trade with  range/volume/liquidity… LTF versus HTF – you should have a basket of low frequency trading robots – and if you really need to some high frequency trading add later-. For Swing trading or commercials beware of limitations of NinjaTrader 7 – you might need NT + an API trade manager to manage orders and positions after signals are made in NT7 and has been later stopped or disconnected.  NT7 will not allow 100% continuous operation- understand what happens when you stop and restart NT7 – you may have to manually guide/manage orders -before you can restart a strategy again for swing traders this is a limitation of the technology we hope will be fixed in NT8  -where we have asked NT to allow a strategy to start and warn, rebind, adopt or allow the developer/strategy to deal with open positions and working orders on the chosen account and instrument.

– with diversified settings and uncorrelated markets to even stand a chance of success….. You should also be an expert in collating data and reports and analysis or learn those skills -most folks cannot do that part and simply tasks such as producing and reading reports and feeding analysis back into the system set- can be a simple basic requirement and hurdle…failing point…

Trading is not all about clicking the mouse and making orders – or slapping a robot on an instrument after viewing a report…  done correctly it is a in depth intensive systematic process.  We are not going to give away too many secrets to our competitors who copy and work by plagiarism –  having the software is a small part of the job, the structured project management and storage of data and presentation of test results is another discipline..  the better you are with data and testing, the more time you give to sim realtime pre-production the better your results.

Small account realtime Interactive Trading

There are easier less intensive ways to try – if you are a small account trader say 10k to 50K – Realtime Interactive trading – 1 robot 1 trader 1 market 
become an expert and guide it in realtime… on 1 market – you need to be an expert on that market…  So you could for instance – get a strategy and run a visual backtest – put it on a chart in realtime/sim and watch it and guide it…to a plan… using the realtime NinjaBuddy controls, and track your results and rules over a few weeks to a few months, if you are already a good trader looking for technology to make life easier this could be a good way to try it.
Such as this approach:

Regardless of route and budget: 
You are the driver and must learn how to drive/test and race to win 
Only you will be able to decide what works for your with statistical evidence you find with direct experience 
You should test and assess in realtime sim for many weeks and become an expert in that instrument and strategy – or even better many months before risking anything 


Yes you can buy winning strategies from MicroTrends but you are the one to test and select and configure them for your chosen markets… no we wont give trading advice –  you are the one to find the best settings  – we supply the tech for you to drive…with our support on technical features.

As detailed above proving strategies takes time – for this reason the MTNTF7 framework and MTDS is free for you to use any strategy on sim/demo and should you reach that stage.

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Intraday trading systems -as an example you might find you like this type of strategy on stock indexes such as NQ or TF or ES, FDAX, EMD etc:

However you will need to experiment and set it up and create your own trading plan to suit yourself…and exercise patience and discretion