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MicroTrends is unique in the NinjaTrader community… we really trade, we really develop our software and you are welcome & free to use our software for your trading for full unlimited usage before live trading 🙂

>> Get Day Trading Futures in 3 easy Steps!

TRADERS!!! Here is your incredible chance to get trading risk free with no outlay for software – and to prove yourself within a simulation paper trading free trial and get your trading capital provided by a professional trading equity provider!!

  1. >> Get your FREE NinjaTrader Trade Platform with realtime Data
  2. >> Get Started FREE with MicroTrends NinjaTrader indicators & Strategies
  3. >> Get your trading Capital for live trading from TopStepTrader

Please note there is no risk, no obligation and no credit card required. Learn risk free, Free for Demo & sim Trading – licenses are only required for live trading only – if and when you decided to trade live, learn what you want and how you want without financial penalty for software you may or may not find is viable for you – you be the one to judge and dont pay first – trading is hard enough, it is imperative you have direct experience and the correct length of time trading with system trading software  so you can decide on your trading plan,system rules & components !!! 

>>>PLEASE Note:  There are only 2 main downloads/packages for the above offer.

Easy to Install Bulk Packs of Indicators and Strategies – not sold as single seperated  indicators

  • The installer will install all the components in the MTNTF7 or MTDS into NinjaTrader – no importing required.
  • Please note you cannot buy one MTNTF7 indicator seperately or install it seperately…

What does free NinjaTrader Strategies & Indicators mean?

  • Strategies: 100% Free for NinjaTrader Demo, Strategies & API free for development/backtest/optimisation/ sim realtime trading, demo trading and replay trading.
  • Indicators: 100% free for development backtest/optimisation, sim/demo trading – after trial periods for live account connections licenses are required – when connected to a live trading connection.

Licenses Lease or Buy – What do you get?

  1. MTNTF –  For Live Trading Monthly Lease or Lifetime licenses – for MTNTF7 Indicator Pack –  or MTNTF Indicator & Strategies  & MT Easy Trader & API – Priority Help Desk Support for settings and configuration assistance + FREE UPDATES
  2. MTDS –  For Live Trading Monthly Lease or Lifetime licenses – for MTDS API, NinjaBuddy & SDK Sample Strategies – Help Desk Code Snippet Support so you can create your own advanced adaptive automatic strategies + parameter configuration assistance + FREE UPDATES
  3. For each lease or purchase you are provided 2 licenses for 2 Pcs!!!

UNLIMITED FREE TRIALS – Try before you buy

You can try all MicroTrends Products for free – then if you require a license for live trading you can decide to lease  or buy when it suits you when you wish to live trade… you may stay sim trading realtime strategies for many weeks or months or years…no penalty…

How to Lease or Purchase the MTNTF7 or the MTDS for Live trading with NinjaTrader 7

  1. Buy licenses in the shop:
  2. Buy using a payment plan in the Payment Plans>>
  3. Sign up for a Lease cancel anytime in the Lease Page>>

Get Started with NinjaTrader Discretionary Trading Systems, Automated Trading Systems or Automatic Trade Manager, Algorithmic Trading Software Development Kit

  • MTNTF7: Indicators, Strategies & Easy Trader Trade Manager – design & program your own trading system with no coding – suited for discretionary, automated and automatic trade management
  •  Click here to Get Started with MTNTF >>> 100% Free risk free for sim/demo trading with the MicroTrends NinjaTrader Framework Universal Pack- contains all MTNTF7 Indicators,Strategies & Easy Trader – Trade Manager – for traders Beginner to Advanced

    MTDS: NinjaTrader Advanced Unmanaged Mode Strategy Software Development Kit for Developers  & Open Source Strategy Samples – suited for developers or traders who want to use the unparralleled MTDS features and sample Strategies

     Click here to Get Started with MTDS >>> 100% Free risk free for sim/demo trading with the MicroTrends Double Shot Strategy Foundation for NinjaTrader Unmanaged Mode Software Development Kit (SDK) with API, Indicators, Sample Open Source Strategies & Ninja Buddy – Trade Manager… the most advanced NinjaTrader Trade Engine ever.

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