MTDS NinjaTrader Automated Strategy Framework

MTDS NinjaTrader Automated Strategy Framework Update released

Released: 08/Jan/2016

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Please note code breaking changes:

MTDS USAR indicator has a number of additional parameters and functions – so any custom script referencing/using this indicator will need to be updated.

To see how to use this indicator in your scripts – Install the MTDS SDK option during the installation of MTDS –  look inside the Strategy Open Source and copy the code for the file:

\Documents\Ninjatrader 7\bin\custom\Strategy\@MicroTrends.MTDoubleShot.SDK.Strategy.MTDoubleShotUSARTrader.cs

Example of code:

uSAR1 = _indicator.MTDoubleShotStrategyUSAR(Input, MTUSARATRMedianSmoothing, MTUSARATRMultiplier, MTUSARATRPeriod, MTUSARATRSmoothing, MTUSARAVGPeriod, MTUSARCollisionMode, MTUSARFilterMode, MTUSAROffset, MTUSARSignalMode, MTUSARXLookBack);


MicroTrends Double Shot Strategy Foundation (MTDS) – NinjaTrader 7 Algorithmic Framework. MTDS  is 100% free for demo/sim trading, development and testing – with a 90 day free trial for live account trading.
The only commercial NinjaTrader algorithmic framework and trade signal execution, management engine for powering strategies.
Consists of a compiled NinjaScript library API, SDK and free open source sample strategies.

Live Account License
Live account trading licenses can be purchased from here:


Normal Installation Procedure
Close down NinjaTrader
Run this installer > Click Next
Restart NinjaTrader

Developer SDK  and Samples Strategy Install Options
If you are a developer or Trader who wants to use the SDK or sample strategies, you will need to select all options in the following Installation Options screen and compile the strategies afer installation. Watch all video guides below to see how.
Note: When installing the SDK option!  Please make sure you turn of file replicating software which may  prevent or rollback changes to the NinjaTrader config.xml file

Uninstall Procedure
Windows Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features
MicroTrends Double Shot Strategy Foundation
Select and click Uninstall

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