MTu7 Algorithmic Automated Trading Suite Update Version 7.2017.9.1 Released

The MicroTrends Ultimate 7 NinjaTrader Algorithmic Automated Trading Systems Suite Update Version 7.2017.9.1  has been Released, this is only a service pack security release to prevent some of the hackers and thieves in the trader forums and NT vendor communities.

The update notice went out late sorry for the late notice!!!

MTu7 Installation instructions

  1. Please install the latest version direct from the NinjaTrader Downloads page
  2. Close all versions of NinjaTrader
  3. Run the Installer
  4. Start NinjaTrader
  5. Please check the files are installed into NinjaTrader 7 > File > Utils > Remove NinjaScript Assembly
  6. All MTu7 templates are installed by the installer to  “\Documents\NinjaTrader 7\templates\strategy

    MTu7 installs:

MTNTF7  indicators  / templates/ workspaces
MTDS7 Trade Engine /
MTu7 Suite of strategies  /Templates

Please see the following to make sure the installer was completed etc
MTu7 Strategy List MTu7 Installation Check



Algorithmic trading Futures Forex Stocks ETFs CFDs with an edge with MicroTrends NinjaTrader

Paying Traders on Gold Members/ Platinum Members/ lifetime get access to in depth support/ templates and priority support to accelerate their learning. Free traders are welcome to experiment as they want to.

Perhaps to be in the top 5% of retail algorithmic traders you simply have to have a systematic approach, plan, systems, test, collate stats from backtest, out of sample and pre-production realtime sim trading. Retail traders seem to think they don’t need to bother to learn the basics and take time, trading with a plan and a methodology – i believe this is down to lying and cheating websites/ brokers and vendors who falsely push the claim trading is easy – its simple perhaps but not easy – consistency is the key, time and patience, money should not be wasted trading it should be used on  a server, historical datafeed ,save money by using the NinjaTrader free trade platform and free algorithmic automated trading systems

Sadly it’s no surprise that in algorithmic trading perhaps 95% fail where as only 80% fail at discretionary trading. For some reason most retail traders think they are exonerated from being systematic, procuring data, following a plan, performing manual or automated back testing, and selecting a system and instrument to suit their style/ capital and risk appetite.

Most traders want to skip all the hard work and arrive to Pro level with big rewards coming in… the reality is very different – and time will educate some of them who will go on to succeed.

I have spent sometimes more than 18months at a time backtesting and experimenting and don’t consider that anything unusual, if you want to be good at something put the time in – that is the way to all paths of success which is sustainable. I am constantly re-enforcing what works and experimenting and learning – markets change volatility and liquidity…

With MicroTrends NinjaTrader Algorithmic Trading systems you are getting the best features available for NinjaTrader that allow you to follow a methodology for success. It is easy to track the isntrument/ strategy/dataseries/template  at a glance with the MTDS7 powered Algorithmic Trading Systems

MicroTrends Automated Algorithmic Trading software it is free for those who want to experiment and we have paid for plans for those who are going to roll their sleeves up and accelerate their learning and trading results/knowledge – yes that costs time and money so you need to contribute and in return – you will get the software /models/templates and 1 to 1 advice on the method.

5 simple Steps to enhancing your trading decisions, expertise and knowledge

  1. Use a system of excel and folders to control your progress segregating your trading stats for each combination of: system instrument dataseries templates and account name. That will give you the history and the statistical evidence to make informed decisions. (old/ platinum members get this from MicroTrends and its shared on google/drop box so updates and support is provided)
  2. Procure data, backtest, out of sample and pre-production realtime sim test
  3. Setup additional NinjaTrader simulated accounts so that you are backtesting/out of sample testing/ pre productions testing.
  4. When trading in realtime – export the stats daily or hourly to excel and store these, take screenshots and make notes on the charts store these in a folder for each week.
  5. Collate and summaries the weekly stats for each system so you have the statistical evidence and a weekly view so you can avoid recency bias on an intraday level and keep out the emotions – just follow a routine.

Get your trading systems controls in place to empower your trading decisions based on statistical evidence and a database for your trading

trading system control
Create a Structure/ hierarchical system to control your trading – gold/ platinum members get this from MicroTrends and its shared on google/drop box so updates and support is provided

Setup NinjaTrader for trading with segregated sim accounts to track a systems real-time trading stats

NinjaTrader sim accounts
Setup sim accounts for segregating realtime stats for each system

Export Realtime Strategy Stats to  Excel each day or hour store in a weekly folder for live and/or sim trading

Algorithmic trading with Ninjatrader Export the Strategy Realtime Segregated Results to Excel
Algorithmic trading with Ninjatrader Export the Strategy Realtime Segregated Results to Excel

Save NinjaTrader Strategy to Excel

Save NinjaTrader Strategy to Excel and save to a weekly folder for your invaluable information

Algorithmic Trading Systems Collating Daily stats
Algorithmic Trading Systems Collating Daily stats to a weekly folder
Algorithmic Trading Systems Collating weekly stats
Algorithmic Trading Systems Collating weekly stats for each system instrument dataseries & template

For details of MicroTrends  NinjaTrader Algorithmic Trading Plans please visit our shop

Algorithmic trading systems selection for NinjaTrader

Trader Question:

Please help me understand Algorithmic trading systems selection for NinjaTrader, how do i choose the right robot there is so many to choose from the MTDS, MTNTF, MTU7. PLEASE ADVISE!

MT Answer:

Free users are welcome to experiment  free forever unlimited on sim/demo trading and use the free online resources of of the 24/7 Help Desk: and the MicroTrends Help Desk Forum of previously answered questions and articles:

Paid for users on the Gold Plan get  in depth support and assistance/ templatesbasic advice get started advice and documentation structure delivered by drop box/ and data on the Platinum Plan we setup a server and a set of models/templates and mentor on how to approach/ backtest/ collate stats and  work on pre-production and sim/live trading models and and manage that process but it is always the trader who makes the decisions – we simply accelerate the learning curve and facilitate it all.

What is the Right Algorithmic Trading System Robot for me?

Over time – The right robot is one you have selected based on your direct experience and understanding:
You would have backtested, out of sample tested, traded in pre-production and selected for your style/ availability & capital
And you will have tracked all your systems/tests and collated all the data at all stages with notes so you understand what you tested in the past and why you arrived to the present – you will know which robot works when and why and you can match it to the current market phases and decide if its tenable to use etc
you will correlate it to market ranges/ volume/ trends and price cycles so you will know why and when to use it and when not to and you can have several – for example a breakout or a trend model and or mean reversions

The Tools are here for that: Automated trading

you will want data too: tickdata

Getting Started:
we suggest starting with a simple robot – such as the MTDS SDK USAR – and understanding all the basic parameters – then moving to a MTu7 if required – MTU7 is a combination of MTDS7 + MTNTF7 signals indicators


MTDS7 USAR Trader Modes:
There is a section for templates, tools and bars downloads – They are called just Uni Renko or Super Renko

MTu7 – Structured learning approach – after MTDS7 mastery

Resources & TIPS

Suggested Reading

New Market Wizards
Way of the Turtle –
Mechanical trading systems – Earik Beann
Mechanical Trading Systems – Pairing Trader Psychology with Technical Analysis – RICHARD L. WEISSMAN

Now you need to understand this also

Why chose MicroTrends NinjaTrader trading systems development

Save time, money and get the best automated trading system developed for NinjaTrader for your requirements & budget

MicroTrends NinjaTrader trading systems development is product of many years of NinjaTrader Specialism in development and trading and an institutional career in the trading arena.  

Get your no obligation, free NinjaTrader Development Quotation

Don’t waste time and money on cheaper false economy hobbyist amateurs – use the correct technology and do it right the first time – and by the way we wont rip you off and charge you a fortune for a half baked job. 

View some of our NinjaTrader Development Projects Samples

  1. We can write you a strategy from scratch which can a take a fair bit of time and money to do so, it will not fit for live trading unless it’s written in NinjaTrader’s unmanaged mode, it will not be controllable in real-time unless many days/weeks are spent on it, you will re-invent the wheel and pay the cost of time.
  2. We can save you months/years of potential development, time and money/COST!and super charge your strategy, providing the cheapest route with the safest, most reliable, highest precision quality, best trading system features available for NinjaTrader by using the MTDS7 Strategy Development Kit to power your Strategy providing a semi/fully automated real-time interactive automated trading system written in NT’s advanced mode for ultimate control, execution, intelligent fault tolerant error handling and the most advanced powerful trade management and off the shelf trade filter components.

10 reasons to choose MicroTrends

  1. MicroTrends team skills are honed from ongoing and past career experience in the financial sector, trading arena, prop trading,Investment Banking and current active trading, hedge fund trading – we are real deal traders & quantitative trading developers – therefore can provide your system an edge with our knowledge and experience.
  2. MicroTrends was one of the first leading listed professional NinjaTrader consultants with ongoing quantitative development specialization since 2006 – NinjaTrader specialists since 2009
  3. MicroTrends is fully leading edge .net – commercial Enterprise level developers since 1995 – specialists in Microsoft technologies, Client Server, N Tier, SOA, SQL, Web and Desktop applications.
  4. MicroTrends developers are a team of 2 real deal traders/ developers based in Europe, UK/South Asia and are very active and keen Forex & Futures & Equities traders using discretionary & mechanical systems.
  5. MicroTrends uses a lightweight Agile project methodology to deliver the lowest risk, fastest best quality product to fit your requirements.
  6. All projects and source code are protected by the latest source control repository at the platform.
  7. All projects and client privacy non-disclosure and confidentiality is guaranteed – signed MNDA’s as required.
  8. MicroTrends clients are retail or commercial traders, managed futures, prop shops/arcades & private funds and other NT vendors, developers and trading educators
  9. MicroTrends In house technologies can power your trading strategy, save cost and deliver your product in record time with the best quality, reliability and set of features available for NinjaTrader so you can leverage our experience and trading knowledge to guide your trading system features and trading plans
  10. You are provided with a server and time locked compiled software, with a datafeed for us to collaborate and for you to test and feedback – so that the product evolves step by step to your satisfaction.

More info about MicroTrends and our trading technologies

MicroTrends is a little different to the rest of the herd, from our ethics to our methodology, our background and proven track record from the institutional trading, proven trading track record with our own technologies on hedge funds, working for many years in commercial development arena and our performance as a NinjaTrader partner and Professional Consultant, we have no rival for our combined technical experience, trading knowledge, quality and price in the NinjaTrader community – we are the recommended choice for NinjaTrader by professionals.

MicroTrends Project Orientation

  • You have submitted a request for consultancy or custom development with a short description of your project.
  • A Senior Quantitative Analyst Developer will respond and liaise via email and ask if necessary for clarification and supporting materials if required – or you can also reply with more to this email.
  • We will inform you if we can help you and if we have enough resources at the moment to handle your request.
  • We estimate time to delivery, project phases and payment schedule and negotiate it with you.
  • We sign a Non Disclosure Agreement if the project requires it or not if public knowledge of features negate the need
  • We can charge either hourly rate or fixed per project rate, which we negotiate with every customer.
  • If the project terms are accepted you send an advance deposit and the project commences.
  • We accept credit card payment through, you can also transfer the payment directly to our bank account.
  • Time locked Complied Source Code is made available during the project for testing purposes
  • Source codes if required will be provided on successful completion and settlement of the project as negotiated
  • Collaboration & Testing of your product is carried out on a  private server  we supply for your project, with compiled time locked code provide with full datafeed and platform for easy test feedback !!

MicroTrends Development Methodology

MicroTrends’ has developed and perfected its own Software Project Methodology based on a lightweight version of Agile, which embraces the actual way software development projects and people are best to work in the real world. Our adaptive approach is based on many years in the industry in global financial institutions prior to 2006 followed after by many 100’s of successful projects as a NinjaTrader Professional Consultant, so we really do understand how this real life software development process works best. All of which has a direct effect of producing the best possible results in the shortest best time and cost.

Simply a project will consist of a continuous series of releases of versions of software each containing a set of prioritized features, which are delivered to you to assess during a User Acceptance Testing phase for you to feedback. Incrementally each version of software will contain an additional set of features or prior features which are iteratively worked on until approved. The project ends when all the features required or which fit into schedule or budget are delivered or deferred. These sets of Features are planned for a version of software and chosen from a prioritized feature list. Via your feedback you can alter, defer, report issues or enhance the product specification and change the feature list. This list steers the project and so it is vital to be flexible to allow the project to evolve organically to encompass and adapt or add features and tasks as required.

From all points of view this is a very easy and rapid way of working, as you are not required to spend days or hours upfront making accurate in depth descriptions of what you want, only to find you missed information or did not know about something that becomes evident during the development process, instead this way each feature is worked on in turn, each release containing the smallest set of features logical and practical or is delivered in a certain block of time – allowing extremely rapid progress and micro management. No waiting for days or weeks, the control and visibility is almost immediate and the shortest possible project duration. The end result is a product that evolved as required due to that feedback loop and planning – so you end with exactly what you wanted even if it changed shape through the process of discovery into something you did not quite visualize at the start.

By using this project methodology it is possible for us to provide the maximum flexibility, transparency, accuracy and control with the least cost, risk and delivery time. Our system is designed and used for the smallest ‘Fast Track’ 2 hour minimum size projects with simple, well defined requirements to the longer or larger, more complex or partially defined projects.

Project Management System and Collaboration

Collaboration during the project can take place via email, Skype, screen sharing or remote control. Documentation, notes, annotated charts, resources/deliverables will be stored and conversations, cases, threads are posted within your own private projects area in the MicroTrends Projects system or email system – depending on the size of project we will use a shared secure private internal system and converse by email or in larger projects or for vendors we will set up a dedicated and free project system area for your convenience at which can be used for project management, collaboration, reporting and source code repository. You are very much treated as a part of the development team during the project, with daily if not more frequent liaison as required.

Source Control

Project source code will be safely stored and version controlled within our private secure online repository or you own for larger projects or vendors, using the latest technology MSTFS. Protected compiled code with time locks or temporary licenses will normally be used for providing product test versions for your feedback and acceptance testing during the project, a protected licensed assembly is provided and source code is supplied or stored to be agreed normally on completion of your project and full receipt of payment.

Development Team

For you project a quantitative developer will be allocated to take it forward and is supported if need be by the rest of the development team. A Project Manager will also be available in an ancillary role for you to contact at any time for any reason for your project guidance and assistance. We can assist with any planning, mediation, facilitation, billing, project time sheets or general queries you may have in confidence on a one to one basis.

What’s next?

A Quantitative Analyst Developer will assess your project request and provide details of the available billing models and likely costs or next steps required until a proposal is made to you. If you accept and would like to go ahead, we will raise an invoice in the MicroTrends projects online billing system, for the initial advance payment. You will receive notification and can pay online or via bank transfer. Your developer will then follow up and take the project forwards with you and explain any steps or provide project system access details as required. Any Access details will be provided during this project facilitation phase.


Trading and investment carry a high level of risk, and MicroTrends Ltd does not make any recommendations for buying or selling any financial instruments. We offer educational information on ways to use our sophisticated MicroTrends trading tools, but it is up to our customers and other readers to make their own trading and investment decisions or to consult with a registered investment advisor.

Terms & Conditions

Please note: All amounts are non refundable for consultancy services and products provided regardless if your ideas are viable trading systems or not. We can advise and provide component features and suggestions to make your strategy or trading system increase its chances of being a winner however we are unable to provide trading or investment advice. MicroTrends standard terms & conditions apply, errors and omissions excluded, please read our terms thank you!

If you have any questions or require assistance please don’t hesitate to ask. We look forward to building your winning system!

Many thanks

Tom Leeson
CEO founder
MicroTrends Ltd

MicroTrends is unique in the NinjaTrader community…we really trade with & develop our own indicators, strategies & provide them 100% Free for sim/demo trading!
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automated trading systems free strategy like an atm machine

Trader Question:

“What do you have that could be a trend trader that takes quick 4-6 tick profits on a many trade basis. Kinda like trading the trend but enter every green bar for a 4-6 tick profit and every red bar for 4-6 ticks profits. and do this consistently all day long day in and out. Not asking for alot. Let’s think about how we can make a strategy that is very consistent and makes 4-6 tick all the time kinda like an atm machine…”

MicroTrends Answer
The only thing in trading that makes money the whole time is the exchange and the broker. Some market making firms make money every day, some reputedly since inception of HTF market making algos – you only need about 100Milllion to trade and a pay roll 25% of that to start with for some of the best minds in the industry.

In reality – We are restricted to slow systems in comparison to the Pro inside track of market makers and high frequency trading, and we will never ever ever make money the whole time like an ATM machine – to even want that is to be a failure – trading systems at best they will have moments of profit and moments of drawdown. This is why we must employ risk management and money management and backtest and understand the drawdown and capital requirements of a systems natural profile- without curve fitting – to give us the win % ratio and average loser/winner to provide the expectancy of the system -and the old cliches are 100% true and timeless the trend is your friend until the end. You ascertain if the system is within your style of trading and risk capital – then perform further testing. out of sample, realtime paper trading etc.

So yes you are asking for a lot you are asking for the absolute impossible – – it doesn’t exist this side of the fence. Trading certainly doesn’t work that way as the markets don’t work that way – slippage/ Liquidity/ latency, trendless periods etc on top.

The world of NinjaTrader is at best a slick glider or cessna if you are lucky when you use a professional developer for your NinjaTrader trading systems development, compared to a ground to air missile used by the real players who use direct market access and don’t use a retail platform or aggregated datafeed, and you are into Formula 1 budgets and skills – you cannot hope to trade like that without the correct budget and equipment or team. Take for example Datafeeds used by retail platforms are 100 times+ slower that a pro data feed direct from the exchange, order routing proximity hosting to machine pricing engines are 100KS per annum for 1 metre closer on a wire, networks cards are £50K upwards… the data we see, the time sales we is ancient history to the inside track players – they are operating in the now – we are operating in the shadow of the past – so our systems need to based on what is tenable and not what fear and greed makes us dream up and fantasies- i just want to trade every each tick 1 delusional trader told me once and they blew $600K USD in 1 year chasing that futile blind deaf to advice steered by greed and fear – greed i want every signal, fear i want a small target i cant stand losing.

If you believe as retail trader you can have an ATM machine and go play golf and talk down the pub about your life and setup and its all easy and you go do this on your shoe string budget and total lack of skill and knowledge then you are a delusional dreamer seduced by the BS on the internet and unscrupulous brokers and vendors – you are a sucker, a pigeon waiting to be butchered, you will go in circles forever bleeding out your account time and time again – looking for the holy grail when in fact you need a mindset change and few home truths told to you – however you are rarely going to get that as the mindset out there is to take as much money from you as possible and suck your blood.

The best you can expect to do with a system is already fantastic why change it ? the answer is you need to change:
You can attempt to enter the market when you have identified trending cyclical moments and get that more right than wrong – then that style may be tenable for short periods – so how to trade them and how to stop trading once they go so you don’t give it back… the easiest way is to trend trade and let it run – with timing/ and other elements, less is more – 3 to 5 trades per day – limit your risk per trade and daily/weekly risk.

If you think you can do 100 trades per day you I can 99.99999999..% guarantee you will never make it.

Less is more… so try to enter with high probability with the directional bias and take some off the table early and run the rest for example or trail in etc… and let it run etc..
That is the easiest way to do things in order to get your first working system – trying to get a scalping system Goldman Sachs would pay 10Mil+ for is not going to work here…

So that’s my advice a change of thinking will do you good as I can bet money you will not succeed trying to scalp all day.

So we can look at the entry system and create some kind of filtering condition. You cannot always force a system to work in your budget, you have to get a viable system and understand what it takes to use it… and either it’s too expensive or you got some kind of chance…

So for the reasons above we offer our trading systems for free unlimited for trial/testing research. We dont take advantage of traders financial aspirations, we are straight talking no BS, show it as it is. You can experiment with all our free NinjaTrader strategies forever for sim/demo/backtest purposes – believe your stats – do it correctly don’t go in circles bleeding jumping from 1 system to another as each one goes in and out of winning and losing runs.