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MicroTrends NinjaTrader trading systems development is product of many years of NinjaTrader Specialism in development and trading and an institutional career in the trading arena.  

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Don’t waste time and money on cheaper false economy hobbyist amateurs – use the correct technology and do it right the first time – and by the way we wont rip you off and charge you a fortune for a half baked job. 

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  1. We can write you a strategy from scratch which can a take a fair bit of time and money to do so, it will not fit for live trading unless it’s written in NinjaTrader’s unmanaged mode, it will not be controllable in real-time unless many days/weeks are spent on it, you will re-invent the wheel and pay the cost of time.
  2. We can save you months/years of potential development, time and money/COST!and super charge your strategy, providing the cheapest route with the safest, most reliable, highest precision quality, best trading system features available for NinjaTrader by using the MTDS7 Strategy Development Kit to power your Strategy providing a semi/fully automated real-time interactive automated trading system written in NT’s advanced mode for ultimate control, execution, intelligent fault tolerant error handling and the most advanced powerful trade management and off the shelf trade filter components.

10 reasons to choose MicroTrends

  1. MicroTrends team skills are honed from ongoing and past career experience in the financial sector, trading arena, prop trading,Investment Banking and current active trading, hedge fund trading – we are real deal traders & quantitative trading developers – therefore can provide your system an edge with our knowledge and experience.
  2. MicroTrends was one of the first leading listed professional NinjaTrader consultants with ongoing quantitative development specialization since 2006 – NinjaTrader specialists since 2009
  3. MicroTrends is fully leading edge .net – commercial Enterprise level developers since 1995 – specialists in Microsoft technologies, Client Server, N Tier, SOA, SQL, Web and Desktop applications.
  4. MicroTrends developers are a team of 2 real deal traders/ developers based in Europe, UK/South Asia and are very active and keen Forex & Futures & Equities traders using discretionary & mechanical systems.
  5. MicroTrends uses a lightweight Agile project methodology to deliver the lowest risk, fastest best quality product to fit your requirements.
  6. All projects and source code are protected by the latest source control repository at the visualstudio.com platform.
  7. All projects and client privacy non-disclosure and confidentiality is guaranteed – signed MNDA’s as required.
  8. MicroTrends clients are retail or commercial traders, managed futures, prop shops/arcades & private funds and other NT vendors, developers and trading educators
  9. MicroTrends In house technologies can power your trading strategy, save cost and deliver your product in record time with the best quality, reliability and set of features available for NinjaTrader so you can leverage our experience and trading knowledge to guide your trading system features and trading plans
  10. You are provided with a server and time locked compiled software, with a datafeed for us to collaborate and for you to test and feedback – so that the product evolves step by step to your satisfaction.

More info about MicroTrends and our trading technologies

MicroTrends is a little different to the rest of the herd, from our ethics to our methodology, our background and proven track record from the institutional trading, proven trading track record with our own technologies on hedge funds, working for many years in commercial development arena and our performance as a NinjaTrader partner and Professional Consultant, we have no rival for our combined technical experience, trading knowledge, quality and price in the NinjaTrader community – we are the recommended choice for NinjaTrader by professionals.

MicroTrends Project Orientation

  • You have submitted a request for consultancy or custom development with a short description of your project.
  • A Senior Quantitative Analyst Developer will respond and liaise via email and ask if necessary for clarification and supporting materials if required – or you can also reply with more to this email.
  • We will inform you if we can help you and if we have enough resources at the moment to handle your request.
  • We estimate time to delivery, project phases and payment schedule and negotiate it with you.
  • We sign a Non Disclosure Agreement if the project requires it or not if public knowledge of features negate the need
  • We can charge either hourly rate or fixed per project rate, which we negotiate with every customer.
  • If the project terms are accepted you send an advance deposit and the project commences.
  • We accept credit card payment through paypal.com, you can also transfer the payment directly to our bank account.
  • Time locked Complied Source Code is made available during the project for testing purposes
  • Source codes if required will be provided on successful completion and settlement of the project as negotiated
  • Collaboration & Testing of your product is carried out on a  private server  we supply for your project, with compiled time locked code provide with full datafeed and platform for easy test feedback !!

MicroTrends Development Methodology

MicroTrends’ has developed and perfected its own Software Project Methodology based on a lightweight version of Agile, which embraces the actual way software development projects and people are best to work in the real world. Our adaptive approach is based on many years in the industry in global financial institutions prior to 2006 followed after by many 100’s of successful projects as a NinjaTrader Professional Consultant, so we really do understand how this real life software development process works best. All of which has a direct effect of producing the best possible results in the shortest best time and cost.

Simply a project will consist of a continuous series of releases of versions of software each containing a set of prioritized features, which are delivered to you to assess during a User Acceptance Testing phase for you to feedback. Incrementally each version of software will contain an additional set of features or prior features which are iteratively worked on until approved. The project ends when all the features required or which fit into schedule or budget are delivered or deferred. These sets of Features are planned for a version of software and chosen from a prioritized feature list. Via your feedback you can alter, defer, report issues or enhance the product specification and change the feature list. This list steers the project and so it is vital to be flexible to allow the project to evolve organically to encompass and adapt or add features and tasks as required.

From all points of view this is a very easy and rapid way of working, as you are not required to spend days or hours upfront making accurate in depth descriptions of what you want, only to find you missed information or did not know about something that becomes evident during the development process, instead this way each feature is worked on in turn, each release containing the smallest set of features logical and practical or is delivered in a certain block of time – allowing extremely rapid progress and micro management. No waiting for days or weeks, the control and visibility is almost immediate and the shortest possible project duration. The end result is a product that evolved as required due to that feedback loop and planning – so you end with exactly what you wanted even if it changed shape through the process of discovery into something you did not quite visualize at the start.

By using this project methodology it is possible for us to provide the maximum flexibility, transparency, accuracy and control with the least cost, risk and delivery time. Our system is designed and used for the smallest ‘Fast Track’ 2 hour minimum size projects with simple, well defined requirements to the longer or larger, more complex or partially defined projects.

Project Management System and Collaboration

Collaboration during the project can take place via email, Skype, screen sharing or remote control. Documentation, notes, annotated charts, resources/deliverables will be stored and conversations, cases, threads are posted within your own private projects area in the MicroTrends Projects system or email system – depending on the size of project we will use a shared secure private internal system and converse by email or in larger projects or for vendors we will set up a dedicated and free project system area for your convenience at www.visualstudio.com which can be used for project management, collaboration, reporting and source code repository. You are very much treated as a part of the development team during the project, with daily if not more frequent liaison as required.

Source Control

Project source code will be safely stored and version controlled within our private secure online repository or you own for larger projects or vendors, using the latest technology MSTFS. Protected compiled code with time locks or temporary licenses will normally be used for providing product test versions for your feedback and acceptance testing during the project, a protected licensed assembly is provided and source code is supplied or stored to be agreed normally on completion of your project and full receipt of payment.

Development Team

For you project a quantitative developer will be allocated to take it forward and is supported if need be by the rest of the development team. A Project Manager will also be available in an ancillary role for you to contact at any time for any reason for your project guidance and assistance. We can assist with any planning, mediation, facilitation, billing, project time sheets or general queries you may have in confidence on a one to one basis.

What’s next?

A Quantitative Analyst Developer will assess your project request and provide details of the available billing models and likely costs or next steps required until a proposal is made to you. If you accept and would like to go ahead, we will raise an invoice in the MicroTrends projects online billing system, for the initial advance payment. You will receive notification and can pay online or via bank transfer. Your developer will then follow up and take the project forwards with you and explain any steps or provide project system access details as required. Any Access details will be provided during this project facilitation phase.


Trading and investment carry a high level of risk, and MicroTrends Ltd does not make any recommendations for buying or selling any financial instruments. We offer educational information on ways to use our sophisticated MicroTrends trading tools, but it is up to our customers and other readers to make their own trading and investment decisions or to consult with a registered investment advisor.

Terms & Conditions

Please note: All amounts are non refundable for consultancy services and products provided regardless if your ideas are viable trading systems or not. We can advise and provide component features and suggestions to make your strategy or trading system increase its chances of being a winner however we are unable to provide trading or investment advice. MicroTrends standard terms & conditions apply, errors and omissions excluded, please read our terms thank you!

If you have any questions or require assistance please don’t hesitate to ask. We look forward to building your winning system!

Many thanks

Tom Leeson
CEO founder
MicroTrends Ltd

MicroTrends is unique in the NinjaTrader community…we really trade with & develop our own indicators, strategies & provide them 100% Free for sim/demo trading!
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2015 to 2016 Journey from NinjaTrader 7 to NinjaTrader 8

When it comes as of writing November 2016 – in terms of NinjaTrader 8, MicroTrends is very behind where i wanted us to be in migrating our technologies to NinjaTrader 8 from NinjaTrader 7.  You will happy to know we are at 1000% effort and time on this now and very happy with the technology NT has done a superb job and the latest C# .net technology is a light year ahead now. WE will be releasing NinjaTrader 8 new and migrated components November onwards. The reason we are behind was due to a long project i will summarize if i can:

In 2015 to 2016 – my focus was elsewhere instead of MicroTrends public products and projects – I  developed and traded automated trading systems supplied by MicroTrends algorithmic trading consultancy for a commercial hedge fund Clearpoint Capital (CPC) and was given a 5Mil cap to trade with and a risk mandate of 1%,  to trade alongside their discretionary fundamental trading model –  I was treated with amazing hospitality and every courtesy, expense and wish furnished… my job apart from enjoying Australia was to implement mechanical systems using the MTDS7 as the foundation with some strategies based on the MTDS USAR and the MTNTF7 Fib Grid systems the later. I could write a small book on the pains and successes.

I was based on site at the invitation of CPC and over time implemented some swing/ day trading algos which are proprietary to MicroTrends, we aimed to diversify across 20 futures instruments or so with different volumes, ranges, behaviour and seasonals… which resulted in a massive testing cycle of 3 months testing, visualisation sense checking, out of sample, walkforwards and realtime sim trading pre production – until going live, then ongoing stats and assessment against baseline -and variants of settings based on live trading feedback…  trading 3 different timezones and requiring fault tolerance and redundancy, therefore in In addition and lots of infrastructure and data feed costs.

We ended up with viable automated systems on 6 markets live trading with 3 automated systems   2- systems but with parameter-set and time-series diversification -a total of 18 in parallel and that took 6months to go live,  for compliance we had to follow a rigid set of plans before trading…and some systems were taken offline and replaced by evolved versions before we were stable, i enjoyed immensely using MicroTrends MTDS7 and NinjaTrader technology and enhancing it on the job as required.  It was a fantastic journey with a lot of success algorithmic trading the FDAX which is beyond all doubt my favourite market….trading up to 8lots per trade entry certainly had its moments 🙂

We also placed discretionary trades based on the MicroTrends NinjaTrader Framework – Multi-time Frame Analysis – Fib Grid systems and had great success with those on markets screened for volatility and market structure- such as Silver, Gold, Coffee etc Our challenge with that as merely to trail the stop/brackets at the correct intervals… so automatic trade management was a key requirement missing for this components- if volatile moves  occur you need to scale out/trail in to lock in profits to prevent giving it back on a reversal profit taking sell off or short covering rally -all those points are easily determined in advance -you just need to be there to move the stoploss brackets in.

Due to the time zone and style of trading implemented and the need to constantly diversify, i ending up working until 6am, 5 days per week and then on weekends preparing multiple systems, stats, backtests, real-time tests, live results and manage 3 live trading servers, 3 pre-production, 3 back test servers and so it was in the end a 7 day per week task –   instead of 1 server with an easy to manage end of day trading system – this was not a tenable approach for me or anyone – so in August we switched off to change route and focus free from the overhead of trading and monitoring, we had great success with the algos… but our operational foot print was too big and our efficiency was too low…perhaps 66% instead of 85% as a goal…

Imagine the cost and maintaining 9 servers, backtest, pre production, and production servers as they used servers with different time zones had costs of  data feeds + my office costs- + my retainer 😉  + my annual bonus… then 24/7 monitoring – which in the end made this approach not the best route.  1. we needed to scale to a wider and more manageable trading portfolio… 2. the basis of mistakes and inefficiencies in the limitations of the technology had cost around 50% of profits on some markets, according to a real-time baseline versus the real-time live results, crashes, stop/restarts/ downloading data crashes, or connections failing at the session open were the culprit…

This is the real difference between the hypothetical realtime sim world to the realtime live trading world – and it is not just the difference between getting in the cage and fighting a UFC champion or sitting at home and being a keyboard warrior  – but more importantly the difference between the realized real world view and the hypothetical universe which is required as a guide and benchmark – the efficiency of live trading is the key to trading success.

So, on FDAX, FGBL, SPI, Nikkei where i was present and monitoring we hit it out the ball park or made a profit most weeks… on the other systems where i was not in direct attendance we routinely suffered opportunity costs -missed profits – technological issues prevented the mechanical fully automated trading systems working in a viable way due to inefficiency, the problem we were using a system created for day trading not swing trading. NinjaTrader 7 had some bad habits such as crashing when loading data so that other strategies were stopped and lost their context, working orders were cancelled and positions had to be flattened before you could restart a mechanical trading system, s0 we had to have separate servers to reduce the effects of errors, professional data feeds for each one. For me although trading was successful, I was simply spinning plates and juggling and it burned me out somewhat……we could not scale with this approach… fine for someone wanting to sit in front of a machine for 5 days per week – 12 to 16 hours per day – but even then limited to the amount of systems you can easily manage.

The problem stemmed from using NT7 strategies – these are really only suitable for attended day trading/swing overnight Sunday to Friday at maximum quite reliably but you need to make sure you are there to prepare data download,refresh and set it off for the open on Sunday evening – then you can trade all the way through with a NinjaTrader Continuum connection all the way to Friday Close, you need to close out Friday or do some special arranging using mutliple accounts with a fresh batch to start Sunday… Fantastic, but really i needed something to trade all week and start again the next week and not lose context of its positions and orders and to be able to reconnect and reload data… Sometimes a disconnect and reconnect caused havoc, cancelling working orders and leaving on unguarded positions, routine stuff… or a connection not waking up at the session open Sunday would miss a gold move – and that was the one needed to make the system viable……

So i needed to replace this solution to provide us with a swing trading/position trading capability – restart, stop/start, disconnect/reconnect – over a period of weeks/months on the same trade and not lose context…and to allow external adjustments of trades and orders and not go out of sync… CPC had no alternative but to as order me to investigate a multitude of alternative trading platforms: I investigated CQG API, TT XTrader API, Smart Quant, Bloomberg, Rithmic, Orc, Aparma,  Modulus, AgenaTader, even KDB+ and a Fix Engine after exhaustive and non biased examination of all technologies  and many dead ends…  or time and budget restrictions, actually we ended up with NinjaTrader 8, nothing else ticked as many boxes as the only cost effective and technologically capable solution – which is good for me… I can migrate from NinjaTrader 7 to NinjaTrader 8… still using charting technical price and signals indicators and not have issues trying to port them to other lesser featured platforms.

Using NinjaTrader 8 we can remove the problems with NT7 crashing and not loading data properly for example – also connectivity in NT8 works better and i can make sure it starts on a Sunday open to trade gold and not miss the open for example…… but we have to write an extension a set of proprietary MicroTrends technologies to enable true swing/position trading capability in NinjaTrader.

So, what about the winning algos in NT7?  Well they are great for a few markets but our mandate is the systems need to scale across 30 futures instruments not 6… which were medium high frequency trading systems- we wanted easy to manage low frequency systems – so then the only alternative I had to write an EOD system which allows us to scale to a large number of markets, so I can combine the winning algo pricing and rules, in as additional setup criteria when conditions are correct to use it in the system.

Why NinjaTrader 8 is the proven choice.

What we need is at a glance to see positions and entries across 30 markets+ as defined by the Fund Asset, stay in control with discretionary/automatic entry and automatic trade management with the ability to trade it all from a market scanner/chart view, stop/restart/ and not lose context of positions or working orders and externally adjust manually and the automatic system has no issues adjusting.  We can do this with the market analyzer with modified columns and function, allowing us full control and even the ability to monitor connections, reconnect and even download data on a schedule, and the system all restarts and continues without a hitch… Our Efficiency is then where we need it -say 85% +… Operationally cost wise, we can use the minimum for data feeds and equipment, this technique is something NT8 cannot do out the box, it requires advanced specialist development skills MicroTrends has in house, we can leverage the NT8 open structure we can access the lower API levels directly and access and build a solid foundation for swing and position trading… incredible! Thank you NinjaTrader!

NinjaTrader EOD system swing trading/position trading automatic trade management, stop, restart continue…discretionary + automatic trade management or fully auto + automatic trade management.

So, to conclude now i completed this EOD system in November and we are in a test phase, CPC will forward test and roll it out in 2017 and our high frequency high maintenance trading is finished allowing me a normal life once more- i will migrate the EOD system to NinjaTrader 8 eventually and we plan to build similar systems for traders who are interested in End of day Trading systems for NinjaTrader.

As a result of this work we are happy to anounce MicroTrends has also planned a release of a similar product.  If you interested in a swing/position trading which overcomes NinjaTrader strategy behaviours and allows control of a portfolio with automated or discretionary trade entry and automatic trade management please contact John at the Help Desk [email protected]  who will provide details and make sure you are on the list for this limited sale product.

But for now, this means i am now back working full time on MicroTrends business – migration from NinjaTrader 7 to NinjaTrader 8!!!    And will also be consulting and continuing with the above at a more sedate existence!!!  So now you know why we are late with NinjaTrader 8!

NinjaTrader  7 & 8 Product Releases Coming Soon – Please join our mailing list for news announcements.


MTNF7 + MTDS Ultimate Indicator, Strategy, API & Trade Manager Pack

Free for Demo & sim Trading – unlimited FREE for sim trading – license required for live trading only – after 30 day live license trial!

The MTNF7 + MTDS Ultimate 7 – License Deal will save you many $1000s …when you consider competitors sell less sophisticated software for a 5 x multiple for just 1 system you cannot change,  a 1 trick pony, where as with this deal you get maximum flexiblity, grey box systems multiple systems and even white box open source to allow you to modify and code your own- All licenses are for 2 machines per Sale – and of course you get unlimited trials and free sim trading forever – making MicroTrends unique in the NinjaTrader community!

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MTNTF7 Strategy Anatomy of a Trade
MTDS7 powering the Woodies AutoTrader
Multiple time Frame- Text Book Higher Time Frame Setup and IntraDay Trade Entry
MTNTF7 Multiple time Frame- Text Book Higher Time Frame Setup and IntraDay Trade Entry
multiple time frame multiple signal & Trend Analyzer with alerts & email signals
MTNTF7 multiple time frame multiple signal & Trend Analyzer with alerts & email signals
MTNTF7 MT Signals Indicators Overview - Graphical Anatomy of Trade Signals
MTNTF7 MT Signals Indicators Overview – Graphical Anatomy of Trade Signals

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MTNT7/ MTDS7 Ultimate includes the following:

  1. MTNTF7 Indicator Pack
  2. MTNTF7 Strategy Pack
  3. MTNTF7 Easy Trader
  5. MTDS Indicators
  6. MTDS Strategies
  7. MTDS NinjaBuddy
  9. >Multibroker Live Time License for 2 machines+ Free Unlimited Updates
  10. > FULL Priotized Support in all areas to get you setup and started – templates, workspaces, settings, feature assistance and advice on usage of automated trading and discretionary trading systems

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MTDS NinjaTrader Automated Strategy Framework

MTDS NinjaTrader Automated Strategy Framework Update released

Released: 08/Jan/2016

>>>Get Started for FREE Download now – There is no risk, no obligation and no credit card required. Free for Demo & sim Trading – license required for live trading only!

Please note code breaking changes:

MTDS USAR indicator has a number of additional parameters and functions – so any custom script referencing/using this indicator will need to be updated.

To see how to use this indicator in your scripts – Install the MTDS SDK option during the installation of MTDS –  look inside the Strategy Open Source and copy the code for the file:

\Documents\Ninjatrader 7\bin\custom\Strategy\@MicroTrends.MTDoubleShot.SDK.Strategy.MTDoubleShotUSARTrader.cs

Example of code:

uSAR1 = _indicator.MTDoubleShotStrategyUSAR(Input, MTUSARATRMedianSmoothing, MTUSARATRMultiplier, MTUSARATRPeriod, MTUSARATRSmoothing, MTUSARAVGPeriod, MTUSARCollisionMode, MTUSARFilterMode, MTUSAROffset, MTUSARSignalMode, MTUSARXLookBack);


MicroTrends Double Shot Strategy Foundation (MTDS) – NinjaTrader 7 Algorithmic Framework. MTDS  is 100% free for demo/sim trading, development and testing – with a 90 day free trial for live account trading.
The only commercial NinjaTrader algorithmic framework and trade signal execution, management engine for powering strategies.
Consists of a compiled NinjaScript library API, SDK and free open source sample strategies.

Live Account License
Live account trading licenses can be purchased from here:


Normal Installation Procedure
Close down NinjaTrader
Run this installer > Click Next
Restart NinjaTrader

Developer SDK  and Samples Strategy Install Options
If you are a developer or Trader who wants to use the SDK or sample strategies, you will need to select all options in the following Installation Options screen and compile the strategies afer installation. Watch all video guides below to see how.
Note: When installing the SDK option!  Please make sure you turn of file replicating software which may  prevent or rollback changes to the NinjaTrader config.xml file

Uninstall Procedure
Windows Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features
MicroTrends Double Shot Strategy Foundation
Select and click Uninstall

Tech Support
Installation, guidance, suggestions
[email protected]

Code snippet support

Development Team
For projects and customisation

NinjaTrader Development & Project Quotations

[email protected]

100% FREE…NinjaTrader Strategies & Indicators – Try before you buy – unlimited trials

MicroTrends is unique in the NinjaTrader community… we really trade, we really develop our software and you are welcome & free to use our software for your trading for full unlimited usage before live trading 🙂

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>>>PLEASE Note:  There are only 2 main downloads/packages for the above offer.

Easy to Install Bulk Packs of Indicators and Strategies – not sold as single seperated  indicators

  • The installer will install all the components in the MTNTF7 or MTDS into NinjaTrader – no importing required.
  • Please note you cannot buy one MTNTF7 indicator seperately or install it seperately…

What does free NinjaTrader Strategies & Indicators mean?

  • Strategies: 100% Free for NinjaTrader Demo, Strategies & API free for development/backtest/optimisation/ sim realtime trading, demo trading and replay trading.
  • Indicators: 100% free for development backtest/optimisation, sim/demo trading – after trial periods for live account connections licenses are required – when connected to a live trading connection.

Licenses Lease or Buy – What do you get?

  1. MTNTF –  For Live Trading Monthly Lease or Lifetime licenses – for MTNTF7 Indicator Pack –  or MTNTF Indicator & Strategies  & MT Easy Trader & API – Priority Help Desk Support for settings and configuration assistance + FREE UPDATES
  2. MTDS –  For Live Trading Monthly Lease or Lifetime licenses – for MTDS API, NinjaBuddy & SDK Sample Strategies – Help Desk Code Snippet Support so you can create your own advanced adaptive automatic strategies + parameter configuration assistance + FREE UPDATES
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UNLIMITED FREE TRIALS – Try before you buy

You can try all MicroTrends Products for free – then if you require a license for live trading you can decide to lease  or buy when it suits you when you wish to live trade… you may stay sim trading realtime strategies for many weeks or months or years…no penalty…

How to Lease or Purchase the MTNTF7 or the MTDS for Live trading with NinjaTrader 7

  1. Buy licenses in the shop:
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Get Started with NinjaTrader Discretionary Trading Systems, Automated Trading Systems or Automatic Trade Manager, Algorithmic Trading Software Development Kit

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