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100% free online technical support for MicroTrends NinjaTrader indicator/strategy addons. 24/7 online guidance please see the MicroTrends Online help desk   you can submit support tickets, login and view your current and prior ticket requests.

free daily swing trading signals online service futures CFDs forex stocks

MicroTrends is the sponsor and provider of free futures, CFDs, forex, stocks trading signals to a partner 3rd party free online trade signal service itraderobotsignals.com.
Free daily swing trading signals are provided by daily email and social media as well as blog posts.  more details are here: http://itraderobotsignals.com/category/trading-signals-info/
Trade sheets of all current trade price and stoploss/ targets and trails are provided and proposed pending trade entry price and pending risk/stoploss.
In addition a volatility analysis spread sheet with fib levels, year,month,week, daily levels ranges, volume and other metrics.
MicroTrends users will notice the monthly fib grid and mtds usar is on the chart, for me high probability trades occur in the first 2 weeks of each month and are the reversal or continuation with a brealkout of the Fib Grid F0% f11%/-f11% zones.
Please note as with all trading infromation and systems, this is an educational service for use at the readers discretion.

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Getting started NinjaTrader automated trading installation video and guidance

Getting started automated trading installation video is now added to the NinjaTrader Downloads page along with the downloads documentation

Get started with Day Trading Generic Signals Workspaces for NinjaTrader

  1. Install the latest version of the MTNTF7 installer – this contains the workpaces.
  2. Select the correct installation options to install the workspaces
  3. Start NinjaTrader and connect to datafeed and open then workspace
  4. Change chart dataseries to super renko and save as a workspace name of you choice
  5. Show chart trader to practice trade the signals – keep stats, conduct a backtest
  6. You can add or remove the signals indicators as you wish – for more details on signals indicators please visit the MicroTrends help desk knowledge base/Articles for Signals Indicators

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Getting started with MicroTrends NinjaTrader 7 automated trading systems 100% free for demo sim trading

MTNTF7 Strategies are deprecated and due for complete removal.

For the automated trading we have the MTu7 free for demo & Sim Testing
This is a combination of the MTNTF7 signals indicators + MTDS7 Strategy Trade Engine –

In fact i would start with this package MTDS7 – http://microtrends.co/ninjatrader-downloads#MTDS
look at the SDK Samples – MTDS SDK USAR – many templates and bar types for you to experiment with etc..

MTDS7 USAR Trader Modes:
There is a section for templates, tools and bars downloads – They are called just Uni Renko or Super Renko
Please install these free NT7 Bars
Always make sure you set a strategy parameters Historical Fill processsing to ” MTDS On Close”

When you are comfortable with MTDS7 you can conside the MTu7 Strategies
Structured Learning Approach for Strategies MTu7

Resources & TIPS

Automated trading

Suggested Reading

New Market Wizards
Way of the Turtle –
Mechanical trading systems – Earik Beann
Mechanical Trading Systems – Pairing Trader Psychology with Technical Analysis – RICHARD L. WEISSMAN

Now you need to understand this also

John offers a course on day trading – a discretionary systematic manual entry system + automatic trade management & exits etc

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