MTu7 Algorithmic Automated Trading Suite Update Version 7.2017.9.1 Released

The MicroTrends Ultimate 7 NinjaTrader Algorithmic Automated Trading Systems Suite Update Version 7.2017.9.1  has been Released, this is only a service pack security release to prevent some of the hackers and thieves in the trader forums and NT vendor communities.

The update notice went out late sorry for the late notice!!!

MTu7 Installation instructions

  1. Please install the latest version direct from the NinjaTrader Downloads page
  2. Close all versions of NinjaTrader
  3. Run the Installer
  4. Start NinjaTrader
  5. Please check the files are installed into NinjaTrader 7 > File > Utils > Remove NinjaScript Assembly
  6. All MTu7 templates are installed by the installer to  “\Documents\NinjaTrader 7\templates\strategy

    MTu7 installs:

MTNTF7  indicators  / templates/ workspaces
MTDS7 Trade Engine /
MTu7 Suite of strategies  /Templates

Please see the following to make sure the installer was completed etc
MTu7 Strategy List MTu7 Installation Check



Algorithmic trading Futures Forex Stocks ETFs CFDs with an edge with MicroTrends NinjaTrader

Paying Traders on Gold Members/ Platinum Members/ lifetime get access to in depth support/ templates and priority support to accelerate their learning. Free traders are welcome to experiment as they want to.

Perhaps to be in the top 5% of retail algorithmic traders you simply have to have a systematic approach, plan, systems, test, collate stats from backtest, out of sample and pre-production realtime sim trading. Retail traders seem to think they don’t need to bother to learn the basics and take time, trading with a plan and a methodology – i believe this is down to lying and cheating websites/ brokers and vendors who falsely push the claim trading is easy – its simple perhaps but not easy – consistency is the key, time and patience, money should not be wasted trading it should be used on  a server, historical datafeed ,save money by using the NinjaTrader free trade platform and free algorithmic automated trading systems

Sadly it’s no surprise that in algorithmic trading perhaps 95% fail where as only 80% fail at discretionary trading. For some reason most retail traders think they are exonerated from being systematic, procuring data, following a plan, performing manual or automated back testing, and selecting a system and instrument to suit their style/ capital and risk appetite.

Most traders want to skip all the hard work and arrive to Pro level with big rewards coming in… the reality is very different – and time will educate some of them who will go on to succeed.

I have spent sometimes more than 18months at a time backtesting and experimenting and don’t consider that anything unusual, if you want to be good at something put the time in – that is the way to all paths of success which is sustainable. I am constantly re-enforcing what works and experimenting and learning – markets change volatility and liquidity…

With MicroTrends NinjaTrader Algorithmic Trading systems you are getting the best features available for NinjaTrader that allow you to follow a methodology for success. It is easy to track the isntrument/ strategy/dataseries/template  at a glance with the MTDS7 powered Algorithmic Trading Systems

MicroTrends Automated Algorithmic Trading software it is free for those who want to experiment and we have paid for plans for those who are going to roll their sleeves up and accelerate their learning and trading results/knowledge – yes that costs time and money so you need to contribute and in return – you will get the software /models/templates and 1 to 1 advice on the method.

5 simple Steps to enhancing your trading decisions, expertise and knowledge

  1. Use a system of excel and folders to control your progress segregating your trading stats for each combination of: system instrument dataseries templates and account name. That will give you the history and the statistical evidence to make informed decisions. (old/ platinum members get this from MicroTrends and its shared on google/drop box so updates and support is provided)
  2. Procure data, backtest, out of sample and pre-production realtime sim test
  3. Setup additional NinjaTrader simulated accounts so that you are backtesting/out of sample testing/ pre productions testing.
  4. When trading in realtime – export the stats daily or hourly to excel and store these, take screenshots and make notes on the charts store these in a folder for each week.
  5. Collate and summaries the weekly stats for each system so you have the statistical evidence and a weekly view so you can avoid recency bias on an intraday level and keep out the emotions – just follow a routine.

Get your trading systems controls in place to empower your trading decisions based on statistical evidence and a database for your trading

trading system control
Create a Structure/ hierarchical system to control your trading – gold/ platinum members get this from MicroTrends and its shared on google/drop box so updates and support is provided

Setup NinjaTrader for trading with segregated sim accounts to track a systems real-time trading stats

NinjaTrader sim accounts
Setup sim accounts for segregating realtime stats for each system

Export Realtime Strategy Stats to  Excel each day or hour store in a weekly folder for live and/or sim trading

Algorithmic trading with Ninjatrader Export the Strategy Realtime Segregated Results to Excel
Algorithmic trading with Ninjatrader Export the Strategy Realtime Segregated Results to Excel

Save NinjaTrader Strategy to Excel

Save NinjaTrader Strategy to Excel and save to a weekly folder for your invaluable information

Algorithmic Trading Systems Collating Daily stats
Algorithmic Trading Systems Collating Daily stats to a weekly folder
Algorithmic Trading Systems Collating weekly stats
Algorithmic Trading Systems Collating weekly stats for each system instrument dataseries & template

For details of MicroTrends  NinjaTrader Algorithmic Trading Plans please visit our shop