MTu7 Algorithmic Automated Trading Suite Update Version 7.2017.9.1 Released

The MicroTrends Ultimate 7 NinjaTrader Algorithmic Automated Trading Systems Suite Update Version 7.2017.9.1  has been Released, this is only a service pack security release to prevent some of the hackers and thieves in the trader forums and NT vendor communities.

The update notice went out late sorry for the late notice!!!

MTu7 Installation instructions

  1. Please install the latest version direct from the NinjaTrader Downloads page
  2. Close all versions of NinjaTrader
  3. Run the Installer
  4. Start NinjaTrader
  5. Please check the files are installed into NinjaTrader 7 > File > Utils > Remove NinjaScript Assembly
  6. All MTu7 templates are installed by the installer to  “\Documents\NinjaTrader 7\templates\strategy

    MTu7 installs:

MTNTF7  indicators  / templates/ workspaces
MTDS7 Trade Engine /
MTu7 Suite of strategies  /Templates

Please see the following to make sure the installer was completed etc
MTu7 Strategy List MTu7 Installation Check



Getting started NinjaTrader automated trading installation video and guidance

Getting started automated trading installation video is now added to the NinjaTrader Downloads page along with the downloads documentation

MicroTrends Live Futures Trading Weekly Update Feb 03 2017

MicroTrends Weekly Update – Watch the latest market update plus see what’s new with the MicroTrends NinjaTrader indicators and strategies.

MTU7 Released – Professional Diversified Automated Trading systems for NinjaTrader

Announcing MTU7 Has Been Released – with the following new strategies

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