Get started with Day Trading Generic Signals Workspaces for NinjaTrader

  1. Install the latest version of the MTNTF7 installer – this contains the workpaces.
  2. Select the correct installation options to install the workspaces
  3. Start NinjaTrader and connect to datafeed and open then workspace
  4. Change chart dataseries to super renko and save as a workspace name of you choice
  5. Show chart trader to practice trade the signals – keep stats, conduct a backtest
  6. You can add or remove the signals indicators as you wish – for more details on signals indicators please visit the MicroTrends help desk knowledge base/Articles for Signals Indicators

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getting started with the ultra high precision trend trader discretionary manual trading system IS USAR

The IS USAR settings allow you to have background colors, color bars and you can also switch on Signals..   You can get the single indicator IS USAR from – buy one get one free!

Try the defaults and set on
Signal mode 1025
Signal Filter Mode 1

see attached chart/parameters

so you get many types of signal
1. USAR Trend Reversal
2. USAR Median crossovers in the direction of the trend

Also try
Signal mode 1041
Signal Filter Mode 1

Try them also with super renko or unirenko bars.
Please get them from here: import and restart

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try Super renko 2: 5,10 – for EMD,CL,NQ, TF for most things etc- 4 for ES, or 20 tick for FDAX/HBO/ RB and very fast markets
Chart 15 days
Chart session template: default 24/7

you can select a parameter and read the descriptions etc.
Also you can add more plots on or off to show the bands for example